So... how much does it cost?

The short answer is - it depends on your needs and wishes. We tailor our services to your specific needs, therefore prices will of course vary from project to project.

We always aim to offer competitive pricing, while maintaining a standard of quality.

For example, for a 2-3 minute video based on footage produced in our own studio in Denmark, we can offer a general starting price from 470€ ex. VAT

The best way to clarify how much your video project would cost, is to fill in our contact form below and describe your idea. We'll then get back to you asap with an unbinding quote.


What do I get for my money's worth?

Why should I hire a professional when I could make a video with my phone? - you may ask.

And that is an excellent question.

For one, because it's better. Better images. Better sound. It shows you take yourself and your project seriously.

But making great videos is about more than having the right equipment. It is about story-telling. With us at the helm, your video will not only be produced to the highest technical standard, it will stand out in the way it tells your story in a comepelling way, captivating the audience you wish to engage.

At BongoMedia, we have more than a decade's worth of experience of helping clients achieve the best possible results with their audio-video projects.

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